Amprobe BAT-500 Battery Impedance Tester, 0-40V

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Manufacturer Description

The Amprobe BAT-500 battery impedance tester is a battery capacity tester for assessing impedance, resistance, voltage, and power capacity of nickel cadmium (NiCd), nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), lithium-ion (Li-ion), lead-acid, and alkaline batteries. The tester uses the alternating current (AC) four-terminal method to measure impedance eliminates lead impedance and contact impedance for more accurate results. The comparator function compares values measured by the tester with preset high and low limit values for internal impedance and voltage level. The unit then indicates whether the battery passes (green LED), is borderline (yellow LED and beep), or fails the test (red LED and beep). It tests batteries up to 500Ah, resistance up to 40 ohms, and voltage up to 40V direct current (DC). The data capture memory holds up to 500 data sets and the data logging memory stores up to 9,600 data sets for later download to a PC via an RS-232 cable (included).The dual LCD screen shows both internal impedance and voltage of the battery being tested and includes a hold function. The tester is powered by six AA batteries, which allow for 7 hours of continuous use. It has an auto power-off function that turns the unit off after 30 min of idle time. The BAT-500 is designed for use by electricians, electrical contractors, and auto mechanics.


Power supply AA batteries (six, included)
Battery power range 0 to 500Ah
Resistance range 0 to 40 ohms
DC voltage range 40V
Weight (including batteries) 1.1lb./500g
Dimensions 9.8 x 3.9 x 1.8 inches / 250 x 100 x 45mm (H x W x D)

H is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back.

Electrical test meters report electrical circuit properties, such as voltage, resistance, capacitance, and continuity. Available in handheld or benchtop models, they detect electrical problems in equipment, wiring, and power supplies. A variety of probes, clamps, or leads connect the meter to a circuit or device. Single-function meters, such as battery testers and voltage testers, measure one property of a circuit; multimeters measure multiple properties. Electrical test meters display information either in analog form using a needle that moves on a calibrated scale, or in digital form using digits or a graphic representation on an LED screen. Meter choice includes the electrical properties to be measured and the anticipated range of results, and should have a rating that is higher than the maximum value of the anticipated range. An electrical test meter has multiple settings that correspond to potential ranges of values for the properties it can measure. A manual ranging meter requires the operator to flip through different settings until the correct range is reached. An autoranging meter cycles through range settings automatically until it reaches the correct range.

Amprobe manufactures electrical testing equipment for commercial, industrial, and home use. The company was founded in 1948 and is headquartered in Everett, WA.

What’s in the Box?

  • BAT-500 Battery Impedance Tester
  • AC adapter
  • Software CD
  • (1) Set Kelvin clips
  • RS-232 to USB bridge
  • (6) AA batteries
  • Instructions

Product Features

Battery impedance tester for assessing impedance resistance, voltage, and capacity of batteries Uses AC four-terminal method to measure impedance Comparator function compares measured values with preset high and low limit values for internal impedance and voltage level and determines if they fall within acceptable limits Tests batteries up to 500Ah, resistance up to 40ohms, and voltage up to 40V DC Data capture memory holds up to 500 data sets and data logging memory stores up to 9,600 data sets for download to PC via RS-232 interface

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