Fluke Networks MultiFiber Pro Optical Power Meter Fiber Optic Test Kit

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Manufacturer Description

The Fluke Networks MultiFiber Pro optical power meter with on-board MPO connector, which is available individually or packaged with other network test devices, is a fiber optic cable tester that measures power and loss and validates polarity on all 12 fibers in an MPO fiber trunk, displaying test results for all 12 fibers in six seconds and ensuring end-to-end connectivity with built-in polarity verification per Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standard TIA-568-C.0. When paired with a light source, it allows for identification of individual fibers that fail test limits. Loss thresholds can be adjusted to suit specific applications and an indicator lights when the limit has been exceeded. The on-board MPO (multifiber push-on) connector eliminates the need for fan-out cords and is shuttered to protect against contamination from dirt and dust. The meter's internal memory stores up to 3,000 test results (the equivalent of 250 MPO cables), that can be downloaded via the meter's USB 2.0 interface to a computer for long-term records retention, or for analysis and generation of certification reports using LinkWare software. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and 7 operating systems. The meter can be set to automatically power off after 10, 20, 30, or 60 minutes of non-use to conserve battery life and has a low-battery indicator. Additional specifications include a display resolution of 0.01dB and various environmental operating conditions. Fiber testers are used by network technicians to troubleshoot, maintain, and optimize performance of fiber optic cable in data centers and enterprise networks.

Detector typeInGaAs (indium gallium arsenide nitride)
Optical connector typeMPO interface for 12-fiber, unpinned plugs
Cable compatibilitySingle-mode fiber; 62.5μm and 50μm multimode fiber
Calibrated wavelengths850, 1,300, 1,310, and 1,550nm
Power measurement range0 to -50dBm
Power units of measuredBm, mW, μW
Loss threshold0.05dB to 50.0dB (selectable in 0.05dB increments up to 10.0dB and 0.1dB increments up to 50.0dB)
Power source(2) AA alkaline batteries (included)
Dimensions (H x W x D)14.5 x 8.0 x 3.9cm/5.7 in x 3.2 in x 1.5 inches

H is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back.

A fiber optic cable tester is a device for troubleshooting, inspecting, and certifying fiber network cabling. Devices range from one-button tools for checking connectivity to complex tools for certifying proper installation of fiber networks. A device that performs fiber certification is designated as either loss-length (Tier 1) or fiber plant characterization and troubleshooting (Tier 2). Some of the devices test either single-mode or multimode fiber, while others can test both single-mode and multimode fiber. Cabling contractors, installers, and network technicians use fiber optic cable testers to set up and maintain networks within a building or on a campus in corporate, academic, manufacturing, and other enterprise network environments.

Fluke Networks manufactures tools for network infrastructure installation, testing, certification, and troubleshooting, in copper, fiber, and wireless networks, with its tools widely used by contractors, enterprises, and communication service providers. The company, which operates globally, is based in Everett, WA.

Product Features

Optical power meter with on-board MPO connector measures power and loss and validates polarity on all 12 fibers in an MPO fiber trunk Simultaneously tests all 12 fibers in six seconds and, when paired with a light source, allows for identification of individual fibers that fail test limits Ensures end-to-end connectivity of MPO fiber trunks with built-in polarity verification per TIA-568-C.0 Up to 3,000 test results can be stored in the internal memory and downloaded to a PC Available individually or packaged with other network test devices

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