"7 Premium" Portable Pocket PH meter/Pen PH Tester And Temp High Accuracy, ATC, Back-Light - Buffer Powder - For Drinking Water, Hydroponics, Aquariums, Swimming Pools, Beer, Wine Or Cheese Production

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Manufacturer Description

The greatest wealth is health

In recent years, our awareness of the environment we live in has increased greatly. Whether it is what we eat, or which health care products we buy, we all read labels more carefully, research more on the internet, and are generally more cautious with products that may affect our health.

Safe drinking water is essential to all humans. It's hard to know if the water we are drinking is safe or not since tap water does not come with a label. Our EC PH Tester will let you test your home water in seconds. Don't compromise with your health!

After a thorough market study, and testing of 18 different pocket devices, we offer you our premium limited edition PH meter with the following 7 must-have features:

  • Temperature: Now you can measure two in one. To make it easy for you, the PH meter also includes the option to measure temperature (32.0-140.0°F).
  • Accurate and quick: Two decimal resolution +- 0.01pH accuracy and resolution of 0.01pH. Just few seconds and you can read the result.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation: No need to calculate the PH according to the solution temperature anymore. The ATC does it automatically for you.
  • Easy Calibration: Easy and automatic calibration method, as described in the included detailed manual.
  • Big LCD light display: Clear and bright figures that are visible even in dim environments.
  • Varied Uses: One device - many uses. You can use the same device for home and laboratory use as well.
  • Save Your Battery: Auto Power Off in 5 minutes saves you battery.
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    Order our PH meter today and get 3 powder solutions 9.16, 4.01, 6.68 for long-term calibration and premium cleaning pad.

    Product Features

    EASY TO CALIBRATE - We know that not everybody is a tech person, so we made it easy for anybody to calibrate the PH meter in just 3 simple steps that take 42 seconds. Our PH meter will provide you an accurate result in seconds (Accuracy +- 0.01pH and Resolution 0.01pH), and will also display the solution's temperature (0.1-60.0°C 32.0-140.0°F) on a wide back light LCD screen. NO MORE COLOR CHARTS - when you own an aquarium you must make sure that the water is balanced properly for it to flourish. Unlike the color matching system, our PH meter is a more accurate, comfortable, and quicker solution for testing your tank's PH. No more guessing what color the probe really is and calculating the results - this handy device does it all for you! A MUST-HAVE DEVICE FOR JACUZZI AND POOL OWNERS - Water has been proven to have a relaxing effect on the human body. Whether hot springs, Jacuzzi, a pool or even the mere sound of water, it induces peacefulness. However sometimes, if the right precautions are not taken, it can be harmful. If you own a private pool or Jacuzzi, make sure the PH of the water is right, and avoid irritation of eyes and skin. Don't take chances with your health! A PERFECT GIFT IDEA - You probably too have the kind of friends who has an unusual an awesome hobby, and you never know what to get them. Whether an exotic aquarium, a homemade cheese, beer or wine manufacturing, hydroponics, or even owning a fancy pool or a Jacuzzi, our Premium Portable Pocket PH meter is a must have tool to multiple uses. You can also you use it as an educational tool to teach PH to your kids. A great gift guaranteed! 110% SATISFACTION - We went to great lengths to insure the quality of our product, since we want you to enjoy it for a long-term period. We made sure it will be easy to use, but also easy to clean with the BONUS clean pad, we attached. A sleek hard case and a manual are also attached to help you protect the devise and use it optimally. But if for some reason you are not happy with the device, we have a 30 days full refund policy - no questions asked. If the device has a malfunction during

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