Hisionlee TDS Electronic Water PH Tester LCD Screen Water Quality Testing 0~9990 PPM/PH 0~14.0, 0.1 pH Accuracy, High Accuracy with Automatic Temperature Compensation

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Manufacturer Description

?TDS Meter?&?PH Meter?

?TDS (Tatal dissolved solids) Test pen is used to determine the sum of the inorganic
soluble organic components such as anions and cations in water.

?The number displayed on the TDS test pen is the amount of substance that is
dissolved in water in an ionic state. TDS test pen used to test the water TDS value,
the conductivity of water to determine the purity of water.

? Water contains dissolved solids is very small, generally only zero to tens of
milligrams / liter or so. Measured distilled water or pure water, TDS Tester shows a
value of 0, which does not mean that TDS is broken, but that the water does not
contain soluble substances.

? If the measured water is more pure, the smaller the value displayed on the TDS
test pen during measurement, the less the inorganic compound and the impurity
composition contained in the water.

? And mineral drinking water (filtered drinking water) contains a lot of mineral
elements, so the value of TDS will be larger.

Factors that affect the TDS value test:
? Water temperature: TDS pen can not be used to measure high temperature water
(eg hot water)
? Water flow rate: TDS pen can not be used to measure the shaking of large water
? Water pollution: TDS pen can not be used to measure the high concentration of
water pollution
? The main technical parameters: Measuring range: 0 ~ 9999mg / l;
? Resolution: 1 mg / L;
? Accuracy: 2% (FS);
? Operating temperature: 0 ~ 50 ?;
? Automatic Temperature Compensation: automatically converted into numerical
values of 25 ?.
How to correct the PH meter

1.Press and hold the CAL key

2.The value of flash 6.86 is 6.86 calibration solution, put into the 6.86 calibration
solution until the value is no longer flashing

3.Correction 4.0 is the same

Product Features

TDS (Tatal dissolved solids) Test pen: The number is the amount of substance that is dissolved in water in an ionic state. TDS test pen used to test the water TDS value, the conductivity of water to determine the purity of water. PH Tester: Test the pH of the water. Usage: 1. Remove the protective cover. 2. Touch the "ON / OFF" switch, turn on power. 3. Put TDS Tester into the test solution, until the liquid slightly below "immersion line" position. 4. Gently shake the instrument until the value shown stable can read it. 5. After use, press the "ON / OFF", turn off the power, clean the electrode with distilled water or alcohol, put on protective sleeve. Large LCD screen - Numerical clear; Rational design - pen electrodes directly into the water bottle to measure, pen loops can be used for the measured liquid container, extremely easy to use; Fast measurement - Because delicate bare type sensor, 5-30 seconds to complete a measurement; Easy to clean - Unplug the electrode sheath can be easy to clean probe and sheath. (The Probes produced by titanium) BATTERY INSTALLATION: If the display blurred or not displayed, the display error, or switch does not move, you should check the battery , the voltage is lower than 4.5V batteries should be replaced. When replacing the battery, pull the battery to replace him. Note that the battery polarity and direction of the battery compartment, must not allow deformation of the contact piece. GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you are not satisfied with our product, or have any other problems, you can contact us. -------Hisionlee Seller Team

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