OMAX 40X-2500X Advanced EPI-Fluorescence Trinocular Biological Microscope with 14MP USB Digital Camera

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Product Features

Magnifications: 40x, 64x, 100x, 160x, 250x, 400x, 640x, 1000x, 1600x, 2500x; Microscope Head: - Trinocular viewing head: anti-mould, 45 degrees inclined 360 degrees swiveling, compensation free - Sliding interpupillary adjustment, range 2-3/16inch - 3.0inch (55 mm-75 mm) - Nosepiece: revolving, quadruple - Adjustable diopter ring on both ocular tubes - Photo tube: Inner diameter 23.2mm, height adjustment range: 3/4inch (18 mm); Eyepieces - 3 pairs of eyepieces: WF10X, P16X, WF25X Objectives: high quality fluorescence objectives - FLUOR 4x (0.1 NA) - FLUOR 10x (0.25 NA), - FLUOR 40x (0.65 NA, Spring), - FLUOR 100x (1.25 NA, Spring,Oil); EPI-Fluorescent illumination: - Power supply: 100W, AC 100-240V with digital displays for Life Time (h.m) and Current (A) - 100 W HBO ultra Hi-pressure spherical Mercury bulb, center adjustable in lighthouse - Built-in condenser, position adjustable - Fluorescence blue and green filter cubes in a sliding assembly Epi-Fluorescence light path control: block/open - Three-position sliding filter assembly: blue filter, green filter, and transmitted brightfield illumination - Blue exciting filter: 410 - 490 nm, barrier (emission) filter: 515 nm - Green exciting filter: 490 - 540 nm, barrier (emission) filter: 590 nm - Protection barrier (suppression filter or front light baffle to resist the ultraviolet light - Fluorescence free immersion oil Transmitted illumination: - 6V/20W halogen bulb - Intensity adjustable; Condenser: - NA1.25 Abbe condenser - Built-in iris aperture diaphragm - Built-in swing-out filter holder - Rack and pinion adjustment; Focusing: - Coaxial coarse and fine focus knobs on both sides - Tension adjustable - Focusing stroke: 1-3/16inch (30mm) - Division of fine focusing: 0.002 mm; Stages - Mechanical double layer stage - Stain resistance - Large size, can hold two slides Digital camera: - true color 4096x3288 pixels (14M pixels) - 0.5X reduction lens to get larger field of view - 0.01 mm calibration slide: 1mm/100 division - Frame speed: 1.8fps at 4096x3288, 10fps at 2048x1644, 27fps at 1024x822 - Software compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS and Linux operating system - Capturing microscope images, recording live video, measuring lengths, angles, areas, editing images - USB cable included