Qianson DC 3.7V-21V 35W 4A OLED USB Electronic Load Battery Tester Intelligent Constant Current Electric Discharge Monitor for Power Bank Capacity Testing Support QC2.0/3.0

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Manufacturer Description

Product parameters:
Operating voltage: DC3.5V-21 V (compatible with Qualcomm QC2.0 of A / B protocol 5V / 9V / 12V / 20V)
Constant discharge current: 0-3A adjustable (coarse adjustment knob to adjust the 0-3A range, fine-tuning knob to adjust the fine tuning +/- 0.2A to achieve constant fine)
Current Operating error: no more than 2%+3mA
Continuous rated discharge power: 35W (20V, if the high-pressure, continuous discharge current as possible less than 1.5A, the power to avoid overloading caused by excessive discharge FET)
Threshold of Smart Temperature Control: when the temperature?55??131?), the fan would automatically work; when?45?(113?), the fan would automatically turn back off
Detector of Smart Temperature Control: premium NTC thermistor
Switching Regulator IC Frequency for Fan: 1.2MHZ
Power Indicator: Blue LED Chip
Fan speed: 4010 large fan speed 2900 / min
Control chip: constant current chip torch

Key adjust: Short press: Switch screen; press twice: Convert Chinese version of the display; press five times in a row: adjust the timing, press six times in a row: toggle the display in English.

Discharge power tube types: Royal Philips brand, low-impedance voltage-controlled temperature-type field effect MOS transistor (suitable for when the high temperature and pressure, a constant current is more stable.)

Load Test Instrument (Resolution):
Voltage measuring range: 4V-21V (0.01V)
Current measurement range: 0-5A (0.01A)
Accumulated capacity range: 99999mAH (0.001Ah)
Cumulative power range: 99999mWh (0.001 Wh)
Power calculation range: 299.99W (0.001W)
Timing maximum time: 999h59m59s (1s)

Package included:
1 x USB electronic load constant current battery tester

Product Features

USB load tester can continuously discharge at 35W for a long time. Besides, it is also a USB multimeter which can be used to real-time monitor the voltage, current, capacitance, electric energy, power, temperature, conductive time for smart phones, power banks, and USB charger/wall USB charger when they are discharging and aging The battery monitor tolerates the widest voltage range (DC3-21V) and current range (0-3A). Our USB detector owns dual adjustment design (current coarse adjustment 0.1A & current trimming 0.01A) and intelligent temperature control, which can help you get more accurate testing result Our resistor set is equipped with large fan and high quality aluminum radiator, strong heat dissipating. Furthermore, the load resistor has intelligent temperature control, which can effective product the module from damaging The feature-rich battery tester load has various USB ports (Mini USB data cable port, USB Type-C for reversed USB connection, Android data cable port, Apple iphone 5s/6s data cable port, Single wiring terminal or aluminum battery power supply testing port). Suitable for detecting the quality of different USB chargers One button achieve clearing or resetting data. You just need to plug the electronic load to the power bank, smart phone, chargers or other device which you need to discharge, no need wiring, screws or other tools, super easy and simple installation

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